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In one phase of the project, tristream invited a 12 person multi-division creative team from Cisco offsite to its Grass Valley offices for a two-day intensive “dream” workshop. These sessions included representatives from key divisions in Cisco (many who had never worked closely together before, even though all were key stakeholders in the application project). This design team was able to completely shift the application paradigm, and innovate a new solution that overcame primary user segment resistance.

Innovations included strategizing to completely re-engineer the application back end for a more flexible and dynamic delivery environment (facilitating globalization and user segment customization), generating over 460 new feature includes, building consensus on a fundamental new navigation paradigm, and actually designing core screens together on whiteboards.

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One of the great services we offer companies is to help them build creative focus. Cisco sent eleven important stakeholders out to our office for two days of workshops, to innovate and share the vision and requirements for the re-designed tool. Our process accelerates creative solutions (we compiled then refined a list of 460 potential features and functions) and also solidifies the experience of the team. After the first visit they just wanted to come back again."

Michael Coombs, Director of Experience Design