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Components of a complete Corporate Identity Package include logo, font selection, colors, and guidelines to implement PowerPoint presentations, architectual signage, website, printed material, copy tone, etc.

Tristream views Corporate Identity as the entry point to the brand. Every business needs to be well identified and a new company especially needs a strong graphic identity to meet the challenge of entrenched competition. Today, identity design is a recognized tool of business planning. It not only includes a logo, but all other aspects of a complete image; including a color pallet, corporate font selection, and guidelines to successfully launch and implement the new identity.

Corporate identity embodies a range of strategic and emotional associations. Tristream will become conscious of your business plan – who are you, what you do, and where you’re going. CI operates on a psycho-emotional level and appeal to a your audience by speaking to shared human values. And if the identity is to communicate effectively, its conception must also reflect the company culture.

A successful corporate ID:

  • is unique and memorable
  • will meet your company’s strategic needs
  • will help create and support the brand
  • allows flexibility in application and be easy to use
  • lasts from 10 to 25 years