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We were doing AJAX before it became a buzz word.

At the heart of AJAX is asynchronous javascript. Asynchronous, because iframes and divs allow portions of a screen to refresh without having to refresh the entire screen- even down to a single value in a table. Javascript, because object-oriented javascript (HTML on steroids), allows skillful programmers to create complex interactions within one screen experience.

AJAX is attracting so much attention because when used well, web based applications can approach the speed and capabilities of their desk top forebears.

Tristream's coding teams are familiar with a large number of javascript libraries, including:

  • jQuery
  • Prototype/Script.aculo.us
  • Microsoft AJAX
  • Canvas Framework
  • DWR

Today's web is enabled by fast, richly interactive display code. Someday soon we won't distinguish between the applications that run on our desktop and the applications that are run from the cloud.