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(X)HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are the foundation tools we use to provide the framework for display.

(X)HTML, and now CSS, provide a lot of the solutions needed to create sophisticated user interfaces. CSS in particular allows for a much greater degree of control over how text is displayed and laid out in a multi-browser world.

Thorough Testing Required

The continuing challenge for excellent display code is to b able to make the same code work in multiple browsers - IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and others - across multiple versions of each browser. Tristream tests all display code across a negotiated range of browsers and browser versions for all projects - from consumer-oriented and highly-varied, browser environments, to tightly controlled single browser and browser version application environments


Version Sniffing --

Sometimes the solution to a particular problem arising from multiple browsers is to run a version script, which determines the version of the browser being used by the computer requesting the page, and then serve code specially written for that browser.