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User research

Tristream can conduct user research to fit all budgets and schedules. From simple phone interviews, to recorded Webex sessions, to onsite scenario-based research, to onsite extended ethnographic research.

User collaboration

When possible we like to include actual users in the design process, either as active participants in workshops, or in recurring feedback sessions. This is particularly effective in increasing the productivity of mission critical, B2B or in-house applications that provide the backbone for key business processes.

User testing

Testing experience designs with intended users yields some of the most insightful and helpful information a project needs to deliver excellence. User testing can range from informal, to rapid, such as rough "paper" prototyping, to "white sites," to extensive, carefully managed tests in a lab environment. Tristream can recommend the best level of testing rigor to fit your project.

Tristream's approach to experience design begins with the user, collaborates with the user throughout the process, and ends with the user.