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Phil Dyer

Chief Creative Officer

Phil Dyer is the leader of Tristream's creative vision and strategy. He is a founder and the Creative Director at Tristream. Well versed in print and web, Phil is known as "the design machine" at Tristream because of his rare ability to explore multiple design options and turn around high quality visual solutions at a blazing pace. His roles have included visual designer for both print and web-based products, consultant for color issues, and illustrator. Phil's passion lies in manifesting brands by creating distinctive corporate identities, and most recently designing interactive, information rich, usable user interfaces.

His design roots and professional career began in the design studios of the LA Wilshire district in the 70's. After graduating from Art Center College with honors in 1981, he managed his own studios before co-founding tristream in 1995. His approach to design—whether it be print or web—are based in classic design theory and human behavior. Influences and inspiration come from architects, product designers—as well as information and visual designers—including Saul Bass, Edward Tufte, Clement Mok, and David Carson.

Phil's Lead creative development on a broad range of industries includes Logitech, KPMG, Cartus (Formerly Cendant Mobility), Agistix, Wells Fargo Bank, QuantumShift, Tektronix, Identix, and LateralWorks.

Also, see his white paper Color Usage for Web-Based Applications." It is a brief overview of how your choice of colors can increase user productivity.

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