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Display and IT Integration

Patrick Clancy has more than 14 years of cutting-edge digital media experience developing web applications and interactive media for first-tier companies. An accomplished user experience strategist and object-oriented developer, his vision of highly usable and highly productive interactive applications has increased performance, productivity and enjoyment for global users. He has successfully developed interactive web applications for Cisco, Cendant Mobility, AvantGo, Hooked on Phonics, Logitech, QuantumShift, Airstream, Pac Bell, Compaq, SCO as well as other industry leaders.

Possessing a rare blend of creative design and engineering skills, Patrick has been a leader and catalyst for system innovation, standards-based development, focused on empowering the user.

Prior to joining Tristream Clancy started his career at the world-renowned San Francisco State Multimedia Studies. Where he worked to create the InternActive program, this artfully conceived and designed alternative educational training program, founded in 1995. This organization is dedicated to expanding peer education and building community through information and equipment access in the multimedia educational environment. Clancy worked creating sound design for the award-winning feature film, Swimming with Sharks, one of the first feature films assembled on a desktop computer. He has a keen interest in cutting edge technologies founding two successful startup technology companies, including Deluxe Digital Media.

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I love the smell of a humming computer."

Patrick Clancy