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Executive Producer

Primary Responsibilities:

Business Development, Client Engagement Management, and Top Level Business, Marketing and Creative Leadership in Client Projects

Job Description:

The Executive Producer position is our most challenging position. It is a combination of being a rainmaker, and a top level professional actively involved in client projects. Not only does the EP need to be able to "walk through walls" to secure client engagements, but the EP also remains a key part of the fulfillment of the client project. The EP brings in new client engagements through networking, referrals, and continuing client relationships. The EP remains strongly involved with the client throughout the client engagement, and may be involved in business strategy, business planning, experience design strategy, or development of technology solutions to ensure the successful completion of any client engagement. Tristream always strives to exceed client expectations and the EP is key to doing so.

Depending on the size of the engagement the EP may be teamed with a Project Manager, Experience Designer, Visual Designer, Build Master and others. Teams may be as large as 10 or more and the EP needs to be able to make sure the team exceeds client expectations. The "ultimate" responsibility for successful client projects lies with the Executive Producer.

Most Important Qualities:

Loves business development and can close. Loves business and can discuss it credibly and persuasively with "C" level people. Loves the web and can understand its implications and potentials for business and marketing. Wants to work with a great group of high energy and creative people.


Five years experience in selling professional services in the high tech industry, or marketing/advertising, preferably in web development. We need you to be able to rock and roll from day one. We want company builders


Bay Area, CA or Grass Valley, CA. (although with the right qualifications and experience telecommuting is possible)

Send resumes to jobs@tristream.com