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Over a three-week period tristream interviewed 22 Cisco employee users across 3 major user segments (field users, internal users, and “functional” approval group users). This research involved regional managers, account managers, sales engineers, consultants, and technical writers.

As many of these users are located globally, and because different global regions are served by the application, tristream used a modified phone interview process for about ? of the interviews, and visited the others contextually, at their offices. Interviews ranged from 20-30 minutes for some executive level phone interviews to up to 2 hours for contextual interviews.

An additional benefit of this research, and a core philosophy of tristream, is that the same Experience Designers directly researching users created the strategy and designs. The team's many hours in direct contact with Cisco users resulted in highly informed design decisions that resonate with their real workflows.

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We all have our backdoor systems, so if it takes longer than our backdoor systems, it won't fly."

Regional Manager, Cisco